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Les Brown
World's Leading Motivational Speaker
Legendary 'Godfather of Greatness'

Doctor Licauco is one of the most exceptional dentists I have ever met. Her disposition and her carefulness coupled with her empathy and understanding of your needs is absolutely superb, and her state of art equipment is no doubt exceptional and very current. I have never enjoyed going to a dental appointment as much as I have going to her offices. Her staff is professional and outstanding with customer service.
Dr. Barbara Young
International Media Personality, Speaker & Life Coach

Dr. Cecile Licauco is awesome! I don't know about you, but when I go to the dentist I want the entire staff to have big smiles on their faces that will brighten my day and make my visit a little less scary, overwhelming and daunting. We all have to go to the dentist regardless, so why not find one you love to visit and work with? Bottom line: if you want a smile as beautiful as Dr. Cecile Licauco's then head on over to Orange Park Smile Studio!
Jaime Geffner
Online Video Producer at Geffner Productions

My dental phobia always gets the best of me. I simply postpone a visit to the dentist till it's too late! This time it was a broken crown on the tooth with previous root canal. The only logical solution was to have it extracted. I've been to Dr. Licauco's office before. She is super knowledgeable, very precise and gentle, plus she really cares about what you as a patient want. But this was an entirely different thing—I thought nothing gets more traumatic than tooth extraction. So I went, unwillingly, to get it done. Could not have had a better experience! Now, to make it clear, it was not an easy procedure. There's practically no tooth, roots are fractured...from the moment of getting to the office, welcoming smiles of all staff members, warm, reassurance from Dr. Licauco I knew I will be fine. It took a while, it took dentist's patience, precision, coordinated support from her assistants. It was by far the best tooth removal I've had although the most complicated. That afternoon I complied with doctor's orders—rest, liquid food, pain killers if needed. The next day—no pain, no swelling. Thank you Dr. Licauco! You are an artist with unmatched patience and precision. I am so grateful to have entrusted my teeth to you, and thankful for your amazing staff —they are the best!
Bozena Kloda-Urbanski

The staff is amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to the patient experience. On time and focused on making sure I was well taken care of from the exam to billing. Dr. L is the best! She had been my dentist for over 20 years. She has consistently surrounded herself with the best staff. Hands down the best!
Jay Kay Seymour
Principal/Owner at Professional Land Consultants, Inc.

Just went in for a routine cleaning but the staff is always so pleasant that I don't mind going to the dentist at all!
Doreen R.

I was pleased with my visit to the dentist's office today. No pain. Clean teeth. Life is good!
Gary H.

Amazing team !!!!! Would not trust my teeth to anyone else!
Diana S.